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Market Your Business Online With Quality Content

3 Digital Marketing Strategies For Veterinary Offices

by Jessie Hart

When you run a veterinary practice, attracting clients can be a struggle, especially if there is a lot of competition in your area. How do you make sure the pet owners in your town come to you rather than one of the other vet offices? Getting your name out there with digital marketing is paramount. Pet owners, like most people, tend to spend plenty of time behind their screens. If you can catch their attention as they're working or browsing the internet, you'll benefit from the name recognition this gains you. But how do you use digital marketing to grab their attention? Start with these ideas. 

1. Host a contest.

Use your social media accounts to host a contest. You could, for example, ask everyone to like your post and follow your page, and then choose one person from the bunch who wins a bag of dog treats. Require that they come into your practice to pick up the prize. This gets them familiar with your location so that the next time they need vet care for their pet, they come to you.

2. Post helpful tips.

There are so many articles on the internet offering advice for pet owners. But a lot of that advice does not come from a vet, and it's not always the most reputable. Your advice is worth more since you're a vet office, and you really know what you're talking about. So once a day, get into the habit of posting a simple pet care tip on your social media pages. It could be anything from "Brushing your dog's teeth helps keep them healthy" to "Make sure you don't feed your dog grapes. They're poisonous." Keep things short and sweet so that people get the message as they're scrolling.

3. Share pictures of your own pets.

You want to demonstrate to customers that you really love animals, and a good way to do this is to post photos of your own pets. Ask staff members to do the same if they feel comfortable. People who see your posts will start to feel like they know you personally, which is often what they want from a vet.

As a veterinary office, you always need to be working to bring in new clients. Luckily, with the digital marketing tips above, doing that is pretty easy. You can also look for digital marketing services that can help you with the parts of digital marketing that may be difficult for you to do yourself. The secret is to remember to stick with it as you go.